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Pastoral Letter Regarding COVID-19

Dear Christian Family,

Considering the directives of  government officials about COVID-19 and seeking to be faithful to Jesus’ command to love our neighbors as ourselves, Star of Bethlehem will not be worshiping in-person through April 1st. All church activities will be canceled through this date. As this situation develops, we will re-evaluate our gatherings. This decision was made in consultation with the Executive Committee of the Congregational Council.

We'll worship together on Sunday morning at 10:45 am online. Links and instructions on accessing our online worship will be sent to you soon.

Please know these decisions have been gut-wrenching to make. This has been the single-most difficult decision I’ve had to make in my four years as pastor of our Christian community. Please understand this decision is not based in fear or reactivity. This move is to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 to the most vulnerable among us.

Here’s the thing, my dear ones: Jesus’ Church is never “canceled.”

We’ll persist and shine the love of Jesus into the world through this moment in time together. We’ll worship in alternative ways. We’ll check on each other. We’ll work to ensure that our community’s most vulnerable have access to food and resources.

Every handshake and hug we miss will be a phone call we make or note we send. Every inch of distance between us will be countered with a conversation conveying our warmth, love and care for one another.

We are the body of Christ. We’re bound together by something more powerful than any illness or threat—Jesus Christ and his love. Nothing in this world or the next, no amount of time or space can separate us from God’s all-powerful love through Christ Jesus.

No matter what happens, we're gonna be okay. I boldly believe that God just might be making us better through this. I look forward with joyful anticipation to the day we gather in worship to praise God with choruses of “hallelujah” once again. Until then, my love and prayers rest on each of you.

If you need anything, please reach out to me.

And remember: Jesus is with and for us—today, tomorrow and always.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Pastor Jenny

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